Computer Repair - Old & NewComputer Tune-ups from Computer Handyman can increase the longevity and performance of your computer

Computer Tune-Ups

Much like a car, your computer is a complex machine that requires up-keep to maintain performance.

A six-month computer tune-up is kind of like an oil change – without it, the computer will keep running but it certainly won’t be as fast or efficient.

The daily use of your computer causes strain on the hard-drive and the systems operation. When you bring your PC or MAC into Computer Handyman for a tune-up, we clean out those cobwebs of daily use and extend the life of your computer!

New Computer Set-Up

Want to take your new computer home and just plug it in and go?!

Let Computer Handyman set up your new computer and you can do just that!

When you buy computers from those other guys, they fill your new hard drive with unnecessary bloat-ware, slowing your new computer down, and your old computer files are hard to access. Computer Handyman is here to help!

Not only will we get rid of all of the junk on your new computer, Computer Handyman can also transfer the data from your old computer, to your new one. How nice would it be, when you get your computer home, to just plug it in and all of your files are in the familiar places and everything works beautifully?

Customer computers can be a cost-effective way of upgrading your PC system to exactly what suits you. Computer Handyman can help you install new RAM, hard drives, or cooling units.

Custom Built Computers

Sick of settling for a computer that ‘kind of’ has what you are looking for? Computer Handyman can help with a custom built computer!

Maybe you have a very specific online hobby, or business needs that require a bit more of this and a bit less of that?

Or are you just tired of having to buy a new computer every 18 months, because something keeps breaking or you need new specs to accommodate new software?

A custom computer is the answer to all of your computer woes!

Computer Handyman can design and hand-build a computer based on your specific needs and wants. No longer will you have to choose the model that has most of what you’re looking for! Now you can have a computer that has everything you’re looking for!

While they are comparably priced to in-store models, we only use the highest quality parts and services, and we guarantee our work. Stop settling and take advantage of a computer that works for you!

In-Home Computer Networking

In-Home Computer Networking Diagnostic

A handyman will come into your home to help you identify the potential of all of your home networking devices, go over all of the possibilities and cost for setup. Picture Here

Get the most out of your home networking with Computer Handyman's professional set-up that will optomize your networks abilities.

In-Home Networking Setup

For a nominal fee, a handyman will setup your desired networking options and show you how it all works.

Home-Networking Security

With all of the internet banking, stock-trading and e-mail that you do via the internet, it is extremely important to make sure your home network is as secure as possible. A team member will gladly make sure your connections are safe from hackers and ensure the security systems on your computer(s).

No job is too big or too small. – Need your entire house wired for device communication? Just need help setting up your wireless printer or router? We are happy to make a service call to help you with that.

Small Business IT Assistance

Starting or running your own business? Need an affordable, reliable source for all of your IT needs?

Keeping your computer systems up and running is vital to the success of any small business. So Computer Handyman offers two great and easy options for your small business.

small business

One-Off Small Business IT Support

Maybe your business is small enough, or lucky enough, to have few technical issues. It still gives excellent peace of mind to know that when you eventually need IT help, it is just a phone call away. With special on-site rates and preferential service, the perks of Computer Handyman’s Small Business IT are obvious. Call for information or sign-up for our free newsletter.

Subscription Model Small Business IT Support

Perfect for small networks and medium size businesses, our subscription model rate offer the best service at the best price. Think of it like having an off-site IT department. Call for more information.

If you have needs other than those described above, just give us a call and we are happy to discuss all of your computer needs!

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